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Newsweek: Bud Selig, Steroids and the Mission to Clean up Baseball

Genial and self-assured, Mitchell smiles as he takes a seat and turns to the MLB lawyers. “Any questions?” he says. Bob DuPuy and Tom Carlucci both ask if he is completely comfortable with Brian McNamee’s credibility, given how tough the report is on Clemens. They have some doubts.
The labor deal Selig accepted after the 1994 strike was a truce, not a peace plan. Players are still making too much money. George Steinbrenner — with four titles in the last five seasons and a cable channel soon to launch — is still spending too much money. And Don Fehr is still in charge of the union. The power struggle between Selig, Steinbrenner, and Fehr has not abated.


Urban Milwaukee: Why Selig Became commissioner

It’s the third day of September in 1992, and Milwaukee Brewers owner Allan “Bud” Selig turns his black Lexus sedan south on Interstate 94 for the short drive to Chicago that’s been a long time coming.

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